DARWIN Workspot - outlook plugin addin for roombooking smart room reservation
// DARWIN® Roombooking Tool

Always a space that meets your demands

Easily and cleverly book the meeting room or workplace that you need, tailored to the needs and facilities you want, with the DARWIN® WORKSPOT plugin. State how many people, whether you want to use video conference or just present, or want to add catering if desired. In just a few steps, DARWIN® helps you find a space suitable for what you want to do, and when.

// DARWIN® Visitor Management

Activate Your
Visitor Journey

Using the DARWIN® roombooking add-in for Outlook empowers you to invite your guests in a personal way. They will receive a fully personalized visitor email in your own corporate identity, provided with extra details such as route directions, regulations and more.

When confirming their invitation your visitor will be redirected to your own corporate online visitor portal. Here the visitor can enter details such as license plate, extra party members and catering preferences. All necessary details to ensure nothing is missed during their visit.

All details are now known by DARWIN® and processed to all connected systems (calendar, security, signage, catering, etc). Rooms are automatically adjusted to the meeting's number of attendees and your visitor will now have a seamless visitor journey. From gate to reception, to meeting room.

// DARWIN® Occupancy signage

Communicate and guide people through your building

Help people find a free space or available workplace. Smartly communicate and guide people through your building. Let our digital signage solution help your guests find the right meeting room or use our intuitive deskbooking units to show the availability of flex workplaces.

DARWIN occupancy on digital signage