// DARWIN® Smart Senses

Space Utilization That Makes Sense

In times of ever-higher commercial rentals, businesses face the challenge of optimising the use of existing spaces and matching them to needs. At the same time, digital workplaces and the wish to work from home play a key part in dimensioning the space.

To do this DARWIN® provides the necessary digital sensor data and facts, and gives answers to when office space and rooms are being used, how long for and by how many people. Analysing this data, businesses and office-space operators can identify uneconomical processes as well as under-utilised premises and define potential savings. Hence, DARWIN’s decision making optimises the use of space  based on actual data and usage.

// DARWIN® - Space Optimization

Utilize And Optimize
Meeting And Work Space

The use of meeting rooms is a central component of everyday working life. At DARWIN® we organize flex desk booking and allocation of meeting rooms with the Workspot solution. This add-in for Outlook helps employees find available space, based on the preferred  facilities, and saves valuable working time.

Want to optimize your spaces?

Functional light, optimized fresh air and automated AV equipment in your meeting room or work space. All based on the type of meeting, number of attendees and more. Through data from our intelligent multi-air and HPD optical sensors we create a fully automated, productive and healthy working atmosphere and save energy at the same time. 

Want to optimize your spaces?

Thanks to our applied beacon technology, our DARWIN® app automatically finds the space you are in and brings you directly into the context of that space. You can now control all connected systems and devices, ranging from temperature, lighting and blinds to operating audio-video equipment. At the same time we offer you issue reporting and a range of smart facilities within that same app.

Want to optimize your spaces?

// DARWIN® Occupancy Sensors

Measure occupancy with our smart optical sensor

The world’s best specialists and universities have developed this sensor, which analyses images directly in the sensor. With this HPD sensor, which stands for “Human Presence Detection”, we  offer you a quantum leap in sensor technology. Because the HPD sensor is the world’s first presence detector that is not only capable of detecting whether people are present but can also count them. No matter whether they are moving around or not.

The HPD sensor also has temperature and air-humidity sensors integrated, empowering completely new possibilities. From now on, through DARWIN®,  your light, heating and air-conditioning can finally be controlled in line with demand for the number of people present in a room of area.

DARWIN Optical room sensor