Darwin visitor portal voor visitor management
// DARWIN® Visitor management

Create A Seamless Visitor Journey

Maybe you wouldn’t say but the journey and experience of a visitor starts at the moment the meeting is being planned.

Using the DARWIN® roombooking add-in for Outlook, and online visitor portal,  empowers you to invite your guests in a fully automated but personal way. At the same time they will supply you with extra elementary details to help you offer them a seamless visitor journey.

Gates and doors will open, you will be notified automatically and catering can prepare a fresh cup of coffee, making your visitor feel welcome at all time.

// DARWIN® Visitor Kiosk

Swap Your Manual Processes For Smart Visitor Management

Create a smooth and seamless check-in process for employees, suppliers, and visitors. They can easily do a touchless check-in using their received personal QR code, or simply enter their details when visiting spontaneously.

Empower suppliers and visitors to check themselves in and out without help. With real-time alerts (SMS, Whatsapp, Slack, Teams or email) employees know exactly when people have checked in, or when deliveries have arrived.

Keep track of attendance to see who is entering and leaving your building, or each of your locations. Generate a list of everyone on-site in case of emergency. Easily pull reports and insights, and export the data you need when you need it.

// DARWIN® Visitor insights

Analyze Meeting
And Visitor Data

Use the DARWIN® meeting -and visitor dashboards and gain historical, real-time and future insights on attendance, occupancy and more. Add party members, create new visitors or allocate assets and resources. Easily find and export data and justify data-driven decisions.