// One brain, seven senses

Create Covid Secure Room Conditions And Healthy Spaces

DARWIN® and  STEINEL®, two pioneers in the smart building industry. Together we have combined the brightest brain and the strongest senses into one smart application to help you create smart, Covid secure and healthy spaces.

With Heallo Smart® we offer you an intelligent platform that focusses on improving room conditions, well being and human health. Using the strongest senses in the world and connecting them to the brightest building brain available, has resulted in a single solution that covers the need of today. The need for healthy classrooms, office spaces and private areas.

// Discover the solution

A Smart And Healthy Tool At Your Fingertips

Simply install our smart multi air sensors into your office space, public area or classroom and have the strongest senses available measure temperature, CO2, VOC (volatile organic compounds), humidity, air pressure and true presence.

Our intelligent brain uses smart algorithms to calculate whether a room is in good shape or requires immediate action. Real-time data is displayed in our health dashboard for daily room health management purposes. 

You will receive real-time notifications giving you the actual status on room health. Immediate alerts will tell you exactly which actions will, or need to, be taken to create comfortable, healthy and COVID secure spaces.

// Smart Sensing

Seven Senses To Measure Air Quality

7 senses for smart and healthy spaces. Besides human presence, this multi-sensor also makes it possible to measure room temperature, humidity, air quality, volatile organic compounds (VOC), CO2 and brightness. Nothing remains hidden from the True Presence® Multisensor KNX. The result? Better health, better safety and more comfort.

And since the DARWIN® brain is able to connect with all of your building systems,  we can control your BMS, climate or ventilation installation and have it respond to our alerts automatically.
Your office space, flex desk area or classroom will then automatically be adjusted to its needs and the conditions it should be in. All without any interference from your side.
DARWIN smart multi air sensor for room health and air quality