// DARWIN® Energy Dashboard

Collect and analyze all energy data from your building

Easily manage all your energy systems and energy data in the DARWIN® Energy dashboard. Monitor usage and consumption. Map what you generate in energy and easily analyze whether you are also doing sustainable on balance. DARWIN® gives you all the tools and even translates this into interesting sustainability indicators.

// DARWIN® Energy Management

Manage Your
Sustainability Strategy

Retrieve data from all connected and energy related systems such as your BMS, lighting system, meters, and EV charging stations. Have the data stored into our NoSQL databases, ready for analysis and visualization. 

Our rule management and algorithms will analyze the data for you and have it ready for you in pre-configured dashboards, or dashboards you made tailored fit to your own needs and job related preferences.

Need detailed information, ready to use for strategic decision making? Simply export the necessary data and analytics from DARWIN® in CSV, Excel or Pdf format and you are ready to go!

// DARWIN® Energy signage

Communicate your performance and sustainability

Make users aware of sustainability and inspire them to use energy smartly and efficiently. Show people how smart and green your building really is through the DARWIN® Energy signage solution by indicating how much you save and the implications this has for the environment.

DARWIN energy signage