integrated partners and 3rd party suppliers for the DARWIN smart building ecosystem
// DARWIN® smart building ecosystem

Optimum Connectivity

The DARWIN® Ecosystem is designed to connect with all systems, devices and applications in your building. Whether it is the climate system (BMS), light system, audiovisual equipment or a FMIS environment. DARWIN® oversees them all and binds them into one integral smart ecosystem of systems.

The platform uses your IT infrastructure as a central nervous system to set-up a bi- directional connection with all 3rd party suppliers. Inside the platform there’s a fully scalable and highly intelligent brain designed to easily handle high volume data transactions, up to 100.000 datapoints, from building systems, assets and sensor networks within a split second.

One Central Platform

Instead of many interfaces have 1 platform connecting all systems.

Reducing Complexity

One system to organise growing multitude of data points and interdependencies.

You Are In Control

Optimise your environment for greener, healthier and efficient circumstances.

// DARWIN® Core™ Technology Engine

Making Complex Things Simple

The highly intelligent Core™ of our smart building platform is a multi-protocol technology engine. This means we easily connect with 3rd party systems using any "spoken" language. This empowers us to communicate with all (sub-) systems, using their designated protocols to understand and interact. At the same time it enables us to use a system and brand independent approach, and enlarges the integrality of our ecosystem.

By bringing together all  systems, devices and applications into one integral platform you will be able to handle complex data from your building in a smart way. You will no longer have multiple entrances to data through individual systems but one single point of entree. One control panel for ease of use, visualization of essential parameters, suggested course of action and adaptive control.


All captured data belongs to the user of the DARWIN® smart building platform and is fully secured in accordance with the latest privacy laws. The DARWIN® solution can be placed on site (on-prem solution) or in a secured cloud environment. Both environments will be in accordance to the ISO:27001 norm.


// DARWIN® architecture

One Brain To
Rule Them All

Think of DARWIN® as the human body. When we look at the different systems and applications in a building as the organs, and the IT infrastructure as the central nervous system, then DARWIN® is the brain.

This building brain connects with all systems, devices and applications in a building. It captures all system, sensor and IOT data for you and stores this historical data. At the same time it manages resources, applications, systems, devices and complex algorithms to create ITTT automation.

We then provide a user-friendly and intuitive User Interface in which all systems can be monitored, managed and controlled.