Smart Collaboration

DARWIN® and STEINEL/VSA announce collaboration

Smart building pioneers join forces.

Den Bosch / Oirschot, 24 February 2020. At Integrated Systems Europe in Amsterdam representatives of DARWIN®, STEINEL® and VSA shook hands to reinforce their collaboration. With this strategic collaboration they want to add a whole new level to the smart building industry.

DARWIN®, an evolutionary smart building platform, offers users a comprehensive solution to connect all systems, devices and applications in a building. This turns a building into a fully automated and self-thinking organism that constantly adapts to the circumstances. The connected systems can be monitored, managed and controlled with the DARWIN® smart building app.

“Think of it as the human body” said Peter Kok, Product Owner at DARWIN®. “If we consider the different systems and applications in a building as the organs, and the IT infrastructure as the nervous system, then DARWIN® is the brain. That’s where DARWIN®, STEINEL® and VSA have found each other because a strong brain needs sharp senses” Peter Kok continued.

1 plus 1 = 8
These sharp senses are exactly what the German manufacturer STEINEL® offers with their smart multi-sensors. With their innovative multi-air sensor, they focus on the detection of temperature, humidity, air pressure, volatile organic compounds (VOC), CO₂ and light intensity. When the multi-sensor is combined with the innovative True Presence® technology it also reliably detects the presence and absence of people.

“By linking a network of smart STEINEL® sensors to the DARWIN® software, we bring the perception of our seven senses together in the intelligent smart building brain,” said Joachim De Backer, Project Manager International Sales at STEINEL®. “In this case one plus one equals eight” Erwin van ‘t Veld, Project Manager at VSA, sharply remarks.

VSA, short for Van Spijk Agenturen, from Oirschot has long been a distributor for STEINEL® products in the Benelux. “STEINEL® products are designed in Germany and produced in Switzerland,” says Erwin van ’t Veld. “As a result, we deliver the right European quality to guarantee correct measurement data. Extremely important for accurate observation, something that is really needed in truly smart buildings”.

DARWIN®, as well as STEINEL® and VSA have a large network of installers and system integrators in different countries and market segments. By joining forces and offering a joint product combination, a strong proposition is created for the various market segments.

“Where only hardware was offered in the past, this can now be supplemented with smart software and vice versa” said Rutger Schreuder, Sales Manager Benelux at VSA. “From now on, all our installers can really make their client’s buildings smarter and take them to the next level”.

The Flow Amsterdam
The first project where the collaboration was applied on a large scale was at The Flow project, located in the Houthavens in Amsterdam. The more than 7000 m2 office building has been realised under BREEAM and WELL certification. WELL is thereby a fairly new building standard that focuses on the well-being of employees. Increased employee well-being increases productivity and commitment. Something to which the “senses” of STEINEL® and the “brain” of DARWIN® make an active contribution.